Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back from Buenos Aires and Argentina

Back from Buenos Aires and Argentina (about 1 year now!) ] What a year. I cannot believe so much time has gone by and yet...What a full and crazy year. I will have to post some stories and photos of our trip - about 4 months abroad. Yet upon returning I was thrown into a family a crisis and a focus on dealing on my disintegrating left hip, which finally got replaced around Thanksgiving 2011!. I am literally on a new leg this year. Dancing and ENJOYING it again,
Hooray, although I realized how much havoc having arthritis and a degenerating hip caused in my life and relationships. I did get to
travel to Patagonia,
and Iguazu Falls,
Colonia Uruguay,
and around the various dance halls of BA, yet my constant pain made it difficult to fully enjoy. Looking back however I can forget the pain and remember the good. Most of my photos went onto facebook for friends to enjoy. Perhaps I can post links. My daughter Mariel wrote a wonderful blog on her semester abroad there and travels to Ecuador too. Meanwhile she graduated UMASS this May! Oh my. Yes, moving along.