Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Was A Little Chicken


Mother’s Day has come and gone- and spring certainly seems like it has established a steady stance. Looking towards Father’s Day…
This weekend I received this announcement:

My contribution of a ‘letter’ to my own father - a birth reflection- will appear in a book to be released in June:

Letters to Fathers from Daughters (Paperback)by Sharon Alworth (Author), Bonnie Birnam (Author) - You can order it via Amazon:

Book Description: A touching, inspiring, and ultimately healing book of writings from real people. Composed of letters and poems that depict brief snapshots of women’s relationships with their fathers with an overall tone of gratitude, or of valuable lessons learned, often despite difficult circumstances.

I am excited- and pleased-

My Piece, “I Was a Little Chicken”, is a reflection and reworking of a birth memory. Still emerging as a person, creator, and writer - I welcome this opportunity to share myself and thoughts with a larger world.

I always found it fascinating that my last name is Ozer. It can mean ‘healer/helper’ in Hebrew. Ozersky is ‘of the lake’ in Russian.

I do hope my work/contributions in the world will have some depth and facilitate healing and growth.


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