Monday, September 22, 2008

Exploring during seasonal transition

Here are some photos of me from a hike in the Pioneer Valley, along woodsy paths in Leverett, that explored sites that perhaps were native American archeological sacred places. Most were organized pilings of stone. Some had Equinox orientations, or were near other ledges where fires could once have been lit and stories told. Some may have been colonial, as these woods used to be cleared for farms.

This was a 'chamber' created on a stream with cascades. One could sit or lie in it. It felt like a meditation site, full of female energy, in which womblike, one could feel protected and focus on the rushing water sounding outside the stones around one. Right now there were leaks and the chamber was wet. There was some quartz on the inside amongst other fieldstones that were piled outside.

The fall is certainly moving in, although I expect a bout of Indian Summer which often happens around my birthday. As things settle, I hope to write a bit more and post some photos from the Guatemala trip.

Meanwhile, it is a time for reflection and gathering forces. L'shana tova. If we don't get to share a meal, may all find folks to walk with, eat with, pray with, be at peace and thankful with.

Let's hope for a turn around in the world around us.

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